lookin at an eco-boost.

What I Drive
fiesta st
hey guys here from the fiesta st forums lookin for something different. ive driven the auto eco boost and the whole time i had it i thought if only it had a stick. from what i can muster people on the internet seem to make this car out to be no good but i liked the auto well enough and on paper it seems on par with many bmws' in base 4 series trim which i don't see people complaining that that car is slow or heavy. i feel like if ford made a rear drive only comfortable focus rs with a little less power and more weight for waaaay cheaper people would go crazy for it which is what the ecoboost, is on paper any way. the fiesta is rough and it frankly handles excessively well for my purposes and isn't worth the ride. it also has a smaller trunk than the mustang with the seats up and i think i could get away with a coupe as an only car. and finally it seems like i can get one for just a few thousand more than my fiesta with similar miles (55k).

so how reliable are these things in the upper miles
i might be moving to north Carolina so how are these in snow? i assume their not bad at all and NC isn't either as far as snow goes.
and how do you like them?